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We’re a small team of cake artisans on a mission to create the yummiest and prettiest cakes here on the small island of Bali, Indonesia. From cookies to birthday cakelets to grand tiered wedding cakes, we got you covered.

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My name is Gita and I’m one of those few lucky people who took the risk and moved from the hustle and bustle of a big city and corporate life to a small tropical island, and succeeded in making my dreams come true.

No professional training, or experience, just passion, hard work, a hard head and some good baking genes (thanks, Mom & Granny!). I love what I do and I try to design cakes that are personal, unique and individually tailored for each client and I’m always up for new challenges and ideas, there is nothing that I won’t at least try tackle – after all, I’ve got my Granny’s magic red pan with me.

Oooops, forgot to order a cake for mum?

Hey, it happens to the best of us! But we got your back with these pre-designed celebration cakes. Give us a 36hr heads up and your cake will be ready for pick up. Just follow these steps – it’s easy!

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If you’re looking for an ultra-tailored cake for your special event – this one’s for you. YOU get to customize all elements and we’re here to help with the process.

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You Can Say I’m Obsessed With The Details

Sugar flowers that legit look like the real deal, metallic foils, textures galore.. me and my team love to explore the possibilities of cake decorating and push ourselves to create the most exciting designs for our clients. Every detail matters.

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